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So the P90x workout is now ten years old yet still there are various infomercial's on early morning TV with Tony Horton pointing at me spouting about muscle confusion. Surely it has had its day and there are better ways to get that beach body you desire.

The P90x Workout

If you don’t get the results you want then you are doing something wrong

It is a bit Hollywood but in it’s favour it is still one of the best home workout routines out there….

P90x is 10 Years Old

Does The P90x Workout Routine Actually Work?

The Internet is a wash of adverts telling me how a middle aged mom has found the secret to weight loss and that there is a pill that Hollywood stars use to get ripped and Acai Berries combined with a Colon Cleansing kit will produce a nice six pack. These wonder diets and fad supplements will come and go, to be brutal they will not do a damn thing. One thing will always remain the same. If you understand how to workout efficiently and effectively you will get results.

The P90x home workout routine does all this for you.

It is the original Home Workout Routine and possibly still the best.